Every Mid-Engined Sports Car—Including a Few You Might Afford!

Sports cars, like most modern automobiles, usually have their engines up front, in their noses. Some (one, really—Porsche’s 911) hang their engines off their butts. However, many of our favorite rides have their engines mounted smack in the middle of things, behind the cockpit and between the axles. (No, we’re not counting so-called front-mid-engined vehicles here, though technically, they do count as mid-engined—more on that designation here.)

Mid-engined cars tend to be pricey pieces of machinery, especially since the departure of more accessible options, such as the Toyota MR2, Pontiac Fiero, and Lotus Elise. Of the 14 models currently offered in the States, only three are for sale with five-figure price tags; the rest are more expensive, and one will cost you millions (excluding sold-out rarities from the likes of Pagani and Koenigsegg). Here is every mid-engined sports car available, should you want to be in the middle of things:

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